As the only College Accredited site in Victoria with complete in-house testing capabilities including direct physician oversight, we offer a simple promise: 

Same-day results, guaranteed.

We have the fastest PCR machine in town and can offer results in as little as 2 hours*.

Antigen test results are issued in as little as 20 minutes.


We can offer testing for all destinations including Japan, Hong Kong and China.

We include all travel documents needed for travel including country-specific forms such as the Japan Entry Certificate at no extra charge

We offer a price match guarantee of any like-for-like service offered in Victoria. 

Price Match Guarantee

We offer a price match guarantee for any accredited like-for-like service in Victoria, BC.

Unsure if a site is accredited? Check the CPSBC website here 


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Corporate / Bespoke Services 

Whatever the event or industry, Boundless Medical has a bespoke testing solution to suit your needs. 

Contact us directly to discuss your options and receive a personalized quote

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Booking Notice: Clients who are symptomatic must follow the Island Heath testing pathway here. Please let a member of staff know in advance of your appointment if you are symptomatic.

***Price match is only eligible at the time of booking and can not be applied retrospectively. Service must be like for like. To apply please contact

N.B. Given the nature of PCR testing, there are times when tests may need to be repeated for quality control purposes. This occurs in approximately 3-5% of tests. In these cases, results may take longer than 6 hours to process. However, a person booking a 6hr PCR will always be guaranteed to have their results by the end of the day, even in the event their test needs to be repeated.