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COVID-19 Testing for Cruise Ships 

No matter what COVID-19 testing protocols are in place Boundless Medical has a test to suit your needs.

COVID-19 antigen tests with results in 20 minutes

COVID-19 PCR tests with results available in as little as 3 hours


Booking for a tour group? Contact our team to arrange promotional pricing


Get Tested, Be Boundless

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COVID-19 Testing For Cruise Ships & The Maritime Industry 

Individual cruise ships set their own policies on COVID-19 Testing requirements.


No matter what test you require or what time frame it is needed in, Boundless Medical has you covered.


We advise all clients traveling to check with your tour operator or directly with your cruise ship to confirm pre-departure testing requirements. 

As Victoria's only clinic with complete in-house testing capabilities, including direct physician oversight and onsite dedicated PCR machines we can guarantee all of our results.

Never Miss a Sailing. Get Tested, Be Boundless!


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