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COVID-19 PCR testing for travel to China

Boundless Medical is a testing center approved by both the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC  and the Chinese Consulate in Vancouver.

As the only downtown testing center with onsite PCR machines, some day results are guaranteed.


We are locally owned and operated by doctors, providing customized testing programs for groups of all sizes.

Never miss a flight!

Same-day testing guaranteed

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CPSBC Accredited

Why Boundless Medical?

Boundless Medical provides gold-standard PCR testing. All our PCR sample collection and testing are carried out on-site. We are the only laboratory in Victoria with PCR equipment on site. Therefore, we are the only laboratory that can truly guarantee the delivery of results on time.

We can provide testing for most major airlines traveling to China*.

​1. Same-day results - Guaranteed same-day. Results are usually provided before 6pm. In an emergency, results may be obtained within two to three hours.


2. Next-Day results - Results are guaranteed by the end of the following day usually before 6pm.

*N.B. Sichuan airlines has its own policy which deviates from the Chinese Consulates. Sichuan requires testing to be done in Vancouver at 2 different locations. 


 Current Rules in place for travel to China as of the 30th of June 2022. 


All passengers who take flights from Canada to China must apply for a green health code from the Chinese Consulate.


(1) Basic process - ①A nucleic acid test 2 days before boarding → ②A nucleic acid test 1 day before boarding → ③ Apply for a green health code → ④ The airline checks the green health code. The interval between two nucleic acid tests is not less than 24 hours. If you do not meet the requirements, you will not be able to board the plane.


(2) Those who have been positive for COVID-19 on nucleic acid tests need to undergo two nucleic acid tests (with an interval of more than 24 hours) to confirm their recovery. If there is no abnormality during the 14-day health monitoring period after recovery, the pre-boarding test requirements are the same as those of ordinary personnel.


(3) Infants and children under the age of 3 on the day of scheduled flight departure do not need to undergo nucleic acid testing and do not need to apply for a health code. The nucleic acid test requirements for children who have passed their 3rd birthday are the same as those for adults.


(4) Examples of time requirements for various tests before boarding:












(5) Application materials for health code

    ①Negative nucleic acid test report within 2 days before boarding;

     ②Negative nucleic acid test report within 1 day before boarding;

     ③ Air ticket reservation record or itinerary;

     ④Vaccination certificate;

(6) Those who have been infected in the past need to provide a confirmed report, a confirmed recovery report and a 14-day health monitoring form.

(7) Contact details for the Chinese Consulate and health code consultation

Tel: 1-236-9846031



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1. COVID-19 PCR Test

Same Day Results

$189+ 5% GST

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