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About The Team 

Boundless Medical is unique in that it is owned, operated, and overseen by local physicians who have completed all required training to safely administer and supervise the COVID-19 Testing Process. Frustrated with the limited testing options on the Island Boundless Medical was formed, with one simple goal:
To offer accurate, guaranteed same-day results.

As the first site in Victoria to be fully accredited with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC for onsite PCR testing we do not send any tests off-site for processing. We pride ourselves on customer service and offer a dedicated on-call team member after-hours until 10 PM daily to assist with any concerns regarding your test results or travel certificate. We do not leave the office until all results are accounted for. 

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Get Tested, Be Boundless  

Our Philosophy

 Testing and travel requirements for COVID-19 continue to change at a breakneck pace. We believe that the general public and private businesses should have fast, professional, and reliable COVID-19 testing from, safe, accredited facilities at competitive prices. 


Many Vancouver Island private COVID-19 testing sites charge high fees simply to collect samples and then send them by courier to third-party laboratory facilities elsewhere (even to other provinces!) for processing. This can lead to a number of delays that may affect the timeliness of your results. To remedy this, we provide all of our testing solutions in-house. Any test samples collected at Boundless Medical are processed and interpreted on-site. We have our own PCR machines that can deliver results in hours rather than conventional options that may take days. By offering all of our testing solutions in-house, Boundless Medical is one of the few facilities that can genuinely guarantee fast result turnaround times as no test performed by us ever leaves our site.  

Recognizing your personal needs, we frequently extend our hours in the event of high demand. If there is no availability posted on our online booking calendar, we encourage clients to reach out to us directly so we may offer a tailored testing solution. Our focus is on professionalism and prompt customer service.  

Our COVID-19 Testing Solutions

We currently provide:

  • On-site Viral Antigen Testing for COVID-19 with Fit-to-Fly certificates

  • Off-site/Virtual Certification of Viral Antigen Testing, with Fit-to-Fly certificates

  • Physician-validated 'Documentation of Recovery' for COVID-19

  • Same day RT-PCR(NAAT) testing for COVID-19

  • Mobile/Event testing and other bespoke solutions


Did you know that the provision of COVID-19 tests in British Columbia is regulated by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia? The College's Diagnostic Assessment Program (DAP) is responsible for accrediting testing sites that offer this service. However, many B.C. businesses continue to offer private COVID testing despite not having received accreditation. This can lead to unsafe testing practices, and may also lower the likelihood a client's travel or health certificate is acceptable to the governing authority.  We believe that clients should have peace of mind knowing their testing is being done by trained professionals who have demonstrated competence at performing, interpreting, and administering COVID-19 testing safely. Boundless Medical is the only College-accredited laboratory site for point-of-care RT-PCR testing, antigen testing, and sample collection in downtown Victoria.  We have a responsibility to the general public to ensure our testing process is safe, accurate, and reliable. 

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